The Deployment of Microgrid as an Emerging Power System in Uzbekistan

Ziyodulla Yusupov, Muhammet Tahir Guneser


Last decades with rapidly penetration of distributed energy resources to the power system, the interest on microgrid is growing. Microgrid appears with the development of distributed generations and distributed energy resources, such as PV, wind, microturbines, fuel cell, combined heat and power, etc.  A microgrid combines distributed energy resources, storage devices (flywheels, energy capacitors and batteries) and flexible loads, and connected to the power grid via switches. Microgrids as a key component of the smart grid are intended to improve energy efficiency, a reliability of power system and decrease carbon dioxide emissions. Uzbekistan has a huge potential of renewable energy resources, especially in solar energy. In this paper are introduced the concept and operation of microgrid, as well as considered the problems and development perspectives of microgrid in Uzbekistan


microgrid, smart grid, distributed energy resources, distribution generation, Uzbekistan

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