Review of the Bismuth Telluride (Bi2Te3) Nanoparticle: Growth and Characterization

Mohammad Ruhul Amin Bhuiyan, Hayati Mamur


AbstractIn this paper, a review of Bismuth Telluride (Bi2Te3) nanoparticle growth and its characterization at nanoscale are discussed through a theoretical and analytical process. Nanotechnology research has become challenging task for modern science and technology. Material of Bi2Te3 is basically known for thermoelectric generation. Now in nanotechnology, all devices are migrating to the level of nanometer scale, the significant amount of experiments are being progressed to keep it up with the rapidly growing research field of nanotechnology. For these reasons, the characterization of Bi2Te3 at nanoscale is investigated and its application as a thermoelectric generator (TEG), thermoelectric cooling (TEC) and other field of material technology is presented. Finally, it is concluded that Bi2Te3 nanoparticles have many future aspect and applications.


Keywords— Bismuth Telluride (Bi2Te3); Nanotechnology; Nanoparticle; Thermoelectric Generator

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